Ha Van Vuong


NOT a regular entry.

This may be a quick doodle but it’s a lot more meaningful to me because he’s my biological Grandfather, Ha Van Vuong, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Viet Nam back in the day. His wife, a painter, used to sign all of her work using his name.

Though I have never met him, upon seeing his picture, I saw in him my uncle, my dad, a little of my sister, and for the first time, felt Love for this Grandfather I never had the opportunity to know.

I should mention that Ba Noi, my beloved Grandma, remarried the Ambassador to Viet Nam, the Grandfather I know, whom I genuinely Love, Loved and dearly miss (as I do my maternal Grandfather Baron Jean d’Alexandry d’Orengiani).

To my three Grandfathers, all departed, but whose legacies live on.

Pham Trong Nhan  (Phạm Trọng Nhân)

Ha Van Vuong

Jean d’Alexandry d’Orengiani

This sketch comes nothing close to reflecting the aura he, my uncle or my dad emit; but I’m still glad I was able to capture just a little ray of his spirit and soul.

I also urge anyone interested in learning more about Viet Nam to look up my dear uncle, writer Ha Van John/John Havan.



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