About Carrot o’clock

This is where I’ll be posting some of my quick sketches and doodles, most of which are inspired by pics Redditors share to get drawn.

Some took under 15 min, others took longer…All started with paper, a biro/ballpoint pen, or a pencil.



To the kind souls who’ve contacted me about purchasing these drawings, I’d like to thank you first (it’s a great motivator to know people enjoy your work!) but also…please understand, these are fairly ‘quick’ drawings (although I seem to dedicate more time to them as time goes by) and they’re done on a similar sheet of paper (saves paper/money).

I would hate to cut one out and send a flimsy cut out piece of drawing that’s now surrounded by pencil marks from other sketches. Could be me being a bit of a perfectionist, but it would really make me feel careless about my work and I would absolutely hate that anyone be disappointed by what they receive.

I also might want to add that in order to appear better on a computer screen, these drawings have been ‘modified’ using an online image editor (I’m clueless about digital mediums though so… still minimal).

I can however offer to recreate these on an A4 sheet of paper (easier to send than most other formats). It’s always a bit boring and disappointing when you’re not able to recreate a carbon copy of the original drawing using similar mediums. For this reason, I also like to use different mediums when ‘recreating’ them (charcoal/pastels etc…).


Thank you all for your much appreciated support!



For more ‘serious’ and creative paintings, look me up at:


*carrot fairy dust*



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